Learning The Basics Of New Testament Greek

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Dr. George Hadjiantoniou's Learning the Basics of New Testament Greek is a grammar book that makes the Greek language of the New Testament easy to understand. A must for beginners as well as those seeking a refresher course, this book makes the study of Koine Greek as simple as possible by avoiding the unnecessary, complicated jargon found in other Greek grammar books. Through his methodical approach and his usage of a rich Greek vocabulary, Dr. Hadjiantoniou covers the material in a thorough, yet understandable fashion.

Through Hadjiantoniou's use of quotations from the New Testament in illustrating various rules, and by his extensive use of parts of the text of the New Testament in the exercises, the student reading this textbook will be introduced from the earliest stages to the Greek New Testament text. It is in this way that the student becomes familiar with the Greek New Testament before he actually starts using it.

Revised and brought fully up to date for this second edition, Learning the Basics of New Testament Greek now provides an enlarged comprehensive vocabulary in the back of the book, as well as an enlarged New Testament Scripture index. In addition, the entire text has been redesigned and reset for easier reading.

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