Promises To Encourage Your Soul

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Nourish your spirit with Promises to Encourage Your Soul—a refreshing gift book offering assurance to your heart with beautiful promises found in God’s Word. Featured topics include blessings, comfort and contentment, hope, joy, love, prayers, strength, trials, and wisdom—and will meet you right where you’re at in life. With relevant devotional readings complemented by scripture, quotations, and prayers, this unique package is sure to give you that much-needed pick-me-up!

Product Details:

Inspirational Refreshment for Your Spirit

Some days we need a gentle hand to pick us up, and an understanding voice to whisper encouragement in our ears.  Life can be challenging, and when trials come our way, we may feel discouraged. But God does not fail us, no matter what our days hold. His words provide comfort for all our troubles.

*Flexible, Casebound
*191 pages
*Beautiful color design on interior pages
*Great gift for any gift-giving occasion
*Size 4 3/8" x 6"