Floodplain - Sara Groves

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Sara Groves' music is the result of a process of sifting through the layers of life and presenting us with unique new perspectives on universal experiences with a depth that is unequaled. Floodplain is a profound journey with a theme that speaks to our fight for real authentic faith, the moving away from the rhythm of the way we think things should be, to a search for fresh water out of our desert experiences. It leaves space to ask the tough questions of faith and believe in a God big enough to reveal His Heart to us when we ask.

Track Listing:
  1. This Cup
  2. Expedition
  3. Second Guess Girl
  4. Floodplain
  5. Enough
  6. Native Tongue
  7. I've Been Here Before
  8. On Your Mark
  9. I Feel The Love Between Us
  10. Signal
  11. Your Reality
  12. My Dream
  13. Expedition (Reprise)