A Down to Earth Bible Study for Growing in God’s Kingdom

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Weekly Bible Studies with a Unique Garden Emphasis

God has given us visible and tangible illustrations in nature whereby He surrounds us with His wisdom for successful living.

Over the past decade, the popularity of personal gardening has increased dramatically. Professional gardener, Joanne Taylor, believes that what awaits us outside our front door is nearer to God than theology itself. There are secrets within nature many people don't recognize that teach us how to live, grow, and be wise. The garden is where human existence began and where much of modern life is reflected, and A Down to Earth Bible Study presents numerous examples of this through principles of reaping and sowing, weathering storms, and basic plant-growing techniques that have many life applications.

Ideal for small-group and personal study, A Down to Earth Bible Study presents day-to-day gardening tips but is also a branch for spreading the good news of the gospel by using nature as the instructor. Each of the twelve lessons provides readers with the information, inspiration, and motivation to reach down to earth and create wonderful gardens that will breathe life back into the earth, but more importantly, back into themselves.

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