Life Principles for Following Christ

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Following God Character Series

How do you visualize Christ?

When we think of Jesus Christ, we conjure up different images. Sometimes we see Christ as a sacrificial lamb, while at other times we see him as the conquering King of kings, the great I AM! Sometimes we see Jesus as the gentle master-teacher or Rabbi, while other images picture a warrior ready to do battle with His enemies. Life Principles for Following Christ looks at Christ in both the Old and New Testaments (paradoxes and all) and shows how Scripture unveils a complete portrait of rare value, a picture of God Himself, revealing His holiness, His love, His power, and His awesome plans and purposes for man.

This collection of twelve portraits of Christ reveal Jesus in His multifaceted Glory, view Him in His magnificent beauty, and allow us to experience Him in the magnitude of His Power. Each portrait expresses something unique about His person and His work. Each conveys an avenue of worship and surrender, a point of love and adoration, and a path of obedience to follow.

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