The Ultimate Bible Songs Collection CD

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The Ultimate Songs Collection features 3 CDs containing all the songs that kids love to sing as they praise God! Each CD contains at least 12 songs along with the same songs as split trax for sing-a-long fun at home, church, or in the car along the way.

Look for Sunday School Songs and Praise Songs as well!

Track Listing:
  1. Rejoice For The Steps
  2. Speak To One Another
  3. Forgive One Another
  4. My Soul Magnifies The Lord
  5. Let Everything That Has Breath
  6. Psalm 119:11
  7. Thy Words Have I Hid
  8. Thou Shalt Love The Lord
  9. Trust In The Lord
  10. Righteousness Peace Joy
  11. The Path Of The Righteous
  12. Fruit Of The Spirit